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We are Intivity – a customer-focused, full-service office furniture and supplies company, which has operated across NY State in one capacity or another for over half a century. You may recognize us from any of the previous names we’ve operated under: FM Office Express, FM Office Products, Merkel Donohue and Stevens Office Interiors. Now, for the first time, we share a single name that not only unifies our company, but most importantly, helps to streamline our valued customer’s experience in working with us.

Intivity is an invented name that unites elements of our industry and brand and represents what we do and how we do it. We create interiors, innovation and inspiration, and we promote creativity, connectivity, simplicity and unity.

Over the last 60 years, our company has grown and evolved immensely, thanks to you – our customer. With new business ventures, new cities and new names, one important priority has remained the same: our dedication to your satisfaction. We understand that our prior business identity grew to be a bit confusing, so we decided to make a change. With a new, unified corporate name, it will be easier to do business with us! We will be pooling our resources and better utilizing our sales force and customer advocacy teams to provide the simplest, smoothest and most enjoyable experience possible. We are thrilled to begin this exciting new chapter with you!